5 Months Old!

I know writing this that Lillian a bout 5 1/2 months old now, however, I wanted to updates everyone on her last month of experiences.

5 Months old on the Day

Lillian has just been blowing Chris and I away at all the things that she can now do. She loves making sounds and noises. She started putting some sounds together.  She will often look for her toys after she drops them on the floor.  She likes looking out from the Moby wrap and cooking with Mommy. She loves grabbing at everything: clothes, toys, food traveling to my mouth, she is also loves touching our faces. She will grab at our cheeks and mouth and lips. She really enjoys giving mommy sloppy wet kisses on her chin and cheeks. The drool continues to flow. It will be interesting when she starts getting teeth. Chris and I aren’t ready for that one yet. We are amazed everyday how much she changes and is growing up.

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