4 Months Old!

On January 12th Lillian turned 4 months old. She is continuing to grow and amaze us everyday. She is smiling all the time now. She giggles when we make funny noises and sing to her.  She really really really wants to sit up by her self. She is using her jumper to sit in. She also sits in her bumbo. I think that she has already learned the game of throwing her toys on the floor.  She is also sleeping longer at night. She usually goes to bed at 7:00 and then either sleeps  until 1 or 2:30 in the morning. Pretty good! Mommy and Daddy really enjoy this. God has blessed her with great health and a happy disposition.

My Cute Belly
Princess Lillian
Lillian and Dolly

1 thought on “4 Months Old!”

  1. Oh my!! She is getting to look so grown up! I can’t wait to hear her giggle. I bet that is a joyous sound. I am sure all the angels around her are smiling too.

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