New Things

Lillian now grabs at her toys and is loving it.

  We noticed on the car ride home from Thanksgiving that Lillian had this very concentrated look on her face. She was trying to reach and grab her blanket.  Since then she has started to grab at everything, including food on its way to mommy’s mouth.  This stage has been very fun to watch. Chris and I love playing with her and watching her grab at her toys. 

Lillian loved to giggle and let out those Squeals for Joy!

It has been fun to watch the progression of events going from making Ahhs, to squeals, to giggling, to almost like singing. Lillian loves music and she likes to sing along.  

Lots of drool. We are officially at the stage where Lillian is never without a bib.
The bouncy seat is one of Lillian's favorite things because now she can grab at the hanging toys and put them right in her mouth.

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