Already 2 months old!

Wow! I can’t believe how fast two months can go.  Lillian is getting to be such a big girl.  Chris and I are learning so much about her.  Here are some things that Lillian likes to do right now!

2009 lillian november 031
We gave Lillian her christmas present early. We got one of those floor mats. She loves looking at the mirrow and listening to the music and sound it makes.
2009 lillian november 050
Lillian loves to sleep in the swing. Thanks Aunt Laura Rupp for this!
2009 lillian november 049
Lillian loves hanging out with daddy, while he works on the computer.
2009 lillian november 081
Lillian likes to lay under her mobile and watch it spin and move. She gets so excited and starts to kick and make noises.
2009 lillian november 076
Lillian loves to smiles!

3 thoughts on “Already 2 months old!”

  1. Happy 2 Month birthday Lillian,I don’t know but I think I see a little bit more of mommy in those photos now. Can’t wait to see you all over Thanksgiving!

  2. Grandma and Grandpa can’t wait to see you again Lillian. Babies grow oh so fast. You have such a pretty smile. We will have fun at Thanksgiving . Love Grandma Wilken

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